How we use your feedback

At A2Dominion, we routinely collect your feedback, including checking to see if you are happy with any repairs, complaints and other services you have used. We use performance data and your feedback to consistently improve our service to you.

How you said we could improve

"Our repairs take too long"

Turnaround times for repairs have halved since April 2016. We are also getting more repairs resolved on a first visit, without the need for a follow-up.

“We need a single point of contact for tackling issues on our development”

We are trialling a handyperson service in East London, with potential to extend it to other large schemes if it proves successful. Rob has gotten to know residents and carries out day-to-day repairs to a high standard. He arranges for specialist repairs to be completed that he can’t do himself.

"I have to escalate my complaint to get it resolved"

Approximately 95% of complaints are now resolved without escalation.

"I don’t know what’s happening with my anti-social behaviour issue & I want regular updates"

We now stay in touch fortnightly if you have a formal case which is live and ongoing. We also review live cases to check we are doing what we said we will do, and we review closed cases to check for any lessons that we can learn.

“I don’t understand my service charge bill”

We have simplified service charge letters and improved the availability of information about charges. Service charge enquiries have more than halved since 2015.

"I’m in debt and struggling to manage"

We increased investment in specialist Tenancy Sustainment Officers to help with debt and financial worries. 93% of customers surveyed said their family or personal circumstances had improved significantly thanks to the support they received.

“The mutual exchange process was difficult”

We are improving communication and information and the application process will be simplified in 2019.

“I want a better quality of life”

Our Great Places to Live project is empowering residents to make changes where they live, making physical improvements and helping to build a sense of community.

Your feedback also helps to attract local investment. In 2017/18, we secured over £4million in social value for A2Dominion residents and communities, including apprenticeships, work placements and mentoring for entrepreneurs.

“A2Dominion can be difficult to do business with”

We are investing in our Fit for the Future programme to simplify processes and increase self-service options to make your interactions with us easier and quicker.

We have improved resources in the Contact Centre so that Customer Services Agents can answer more of your enquiries at the time of your call.

We are improving how we induct and train staff, and updating the standards we set for them and our contractors.