Introducing your new rent and service charge booklet


We’re committed to supporting all our customers to live independently so they can enjoy their homes and neighbourhoods. As part of this commitment, we’re working on a new Vulnerable Persons policy, which will help us to make sure we’ve got the right things in place to support customers with vulnerabilities.

Vulnerable Persons policy consultation

Examples of people who may be vulnerable could include: customers with disabilities or long-term illnesses; or customers who have recently experienced a significant life event or change in circumstances, for example a bereavement, leaving care, losing their job or having a child. This isn’t an exhaustive list and there are lots of other factors that may suggest a customer needs extra support. We don’t need to label someone as ‘vulnerable’ to be able to offer them support, but having a policy will help us to make sure we have the right things in place to offer effective support to anyone who needs it.

By creating this new policy, we aim to be proactive in identifying potential vulnerabilities and support needs, and work with you to help design, tailor and improve our homes and services. To help us achieve this, we’d like to hear your views on the policy. Below is a summary of our draft policy. If you would like to give us feedback on the policy, simply complete our quick online form.

A summary of our new Vulnerable Persons policy:

  • We’ll treat our customers with compassion and empathy.
  • Identify any additional support needs of our vulnerable residents: we’ll give you opportunities to tell us your support needs. We’ll store, use and share any personal information you give us in line with data protection regulation. 
  • We’ll offer you a range of communication options so you can choose how you interact with us.
  • We may communicate with a third party acting on your behalf, such as relatives or carers, where you have formally authorised us to do so.
  • All our customers should have a good customer experience with us, making sure that no-one is disadvantaged as a result of their vulnerability. 
  • We will train and support our staff to identify and respond appropriately to issues of vulnerability and disability.
  • Advertise whether properties have mobility adaptations and work with local authorities and occupational therapists to assess the suitability of a property for an applicant. 
  • If you need a physical aid or adaptation to your home to help with physical mobility, we can help you, including assisting with applications for Disabled Facility Grants, which will contribute to the cost of the works.
  • We’ll support you to help you sustain your tenancy and live as independently as possible in your home.
  • We will take proactive steps so that vulnerable and struggling customers are not at risk of harm when there is an interruption to service. 
  • With your permission, we can refer you to specialist support. This may be to external partners and/or to our own enhanced housing services: safeguarding, tenancy sustainment, community investment, care and support, financial and digital inclusion.

We’d love to hear your views on the policy – please do give us feedback via our quick online form. We’ll use your comments to help finalise the policy and start putting it into action.